• 200/220um 0.22 NA AR Coating Fiber Optics Coupled Laser Module
  • Bare AR Coating Fiber Optics Coupled Laser Module means laying optical thin film on the bare fiber end face to increase light transmission or reflection. Photonstream succeed in polishing bare fiber without any epoxy and coating optical precision thin film to the fiber tip, which improve the product quality significantly.

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  •    ◆  Product application     

    -Fiber laser pump diode coupling

    -High power laser processing flexible transmission

    -Medical laser equipment coupling transmission

    -High power laser test and measurement

    -Fiber Optic Sensor (Connecting photoelectric detector)

       ◆  Product feature     

    -The fiber tip is directly polished without any epoxy in the process, which can avoid laser absorption caused by epoxy residue and reduce the fiber burn rate efficiently

    -High quality fiber tip polishing surface, without scratches and particles on the fiber core.

    -Coat only on bare fiber tip (without ferrule &epoxy),which can eliminate film cracking caused by inconsistent thermal expansion coefficients of different substrates under the coating layer.

    -Avoid the impact of the ferrule and epoxy on the laser chip at a close distance, effectively reducing COD and chip Contamination. 

    -Low heat absorption and high laser damage threshold of coating layer, Optical damage threshold (> 200 MW/cm2, Test by Quantel USA,)

       ◆  Product parameter     
    Fiber TypeMM-S200/220-22A, Core/Clad:200/220um, 0.22NA; Customer Specified
    Fiber tip Stripped length6+/-1mm;Customize
    Length of the fiber200cm-210cm;Customize
    Coating ParameterAnti-reflection coating, R<0.5%@780-1000nm;Customize

       ◆  Coating curve     


       ◆ Product outline     


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