Photonstream Limited was invited to participate in the Everbright 2018 Supplier ···

On January 18th, Suzhou Everbright 2018 annual supplier conference was successfully held. This conference is based on the theme of “mutual trust and win-win” and aims to standardize Everbright  supplier management system, and laid the foundation for the good cooperation between Everbright and various supplier partners, and reached a cooperation model of mutual trust and win-win. Executive Vice President , Mr. Lan and sales engineer Huang Xiang di, of Photonstream , was invited to participate in the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Min Dayong, General Manager of Everbright, delivered a speech and expressed gratitude to the suppliers for their long-term support and cooperation. 


He also introduced Everbright to the participants, “One platform, one point, horizontal expansion, vertical extension”  The strategic layout and the spirit of "professionalism, care, service, and struggle".

In his speech, Mr.Min repeatedly emphasized the concept of "mutual trust and win-win", saying that Everbright and suppliers are a Mutually beneficial cooperation partnership.When faced with difficulties and problems, they must face and solve together. Everbright will not use the simple price competition method to damage the interests of partners for the development of the company itself. It also hopes that the supplier partners should base on the management of integrity, establish reasonable rules and abide by the rules on the issues of price, quality and delivery. It is expected that the supplier and Everbright will grow together and develop together, and work together to achieve "mutual trust and win-win".

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