High Power Laser SMA905 Optical Fiber Patch Cord

High Power Laser SMA905 Optical Fiber Patch Cord


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With the wide application of direct semi-conduct laser, the end users are looking for a pluggable and replaceable optical fiber jumper to adapt to the laser source. In most case of medical and fast solid state laser breakdown, the optical fiber patch cord connector was damaged while the laser source is still valid, so people would like to replace with a new optical fiber patch cord to restart the system, which should have good coupling efficiency and reliability for high power laser. Based on this market requirement, Photonstream develops this special high power fiber patch cord. 


Figure1. High Power Laser Source and SMA905 Optical Fiber Patch Cord


Product Introduction:

The high power optical fiber patch cord is designed with SMA905 connectors for both ends and stainless steel armor with PVC shield for fiber protective in harsh environment (Figure 2).  The input and output connectors could choose different ferrule designs based on different laser power levels and thermal conductive conditions.


  Figure2. The SMA905 Optical Fiber Patch Cord Made by Photonstream  


Product Feature:

This SMA905 high power patch cord is special designed for high power diode laser coupling and transmission, including following feature:

(1) The Input terminal is with cantilever ferrule SMA905 design, the fiber tip free standing and without epoxy, which is special for high power laser coupling and prevents burning. See picture 3.


Figure3. SMA905 Cantilever Ferrule design


(2) The fiber tip is align with ferrule end face, which is critical for optical coupling efficiency for different connectors (Figure 4). The focus lens inside the laser source is with fixed focusing length, every fiber tip should be arrived at the sample position to get the consistent optical coupling efficiency.


Figure4. Fiber tip align with ferrule end face


(3) For some fiber tip position adjustable requirement, we design a rotate holes inside the sleeve to turn the fiber TIP to match the focus point, which allows the connector to get maximum optical fiber coupling efficiency(Figure 5)


Figure5. The Tuning holes for Fiber Tip Adjustment


(4) For the output terminal, there are three type of ferrule for SMA905 connector design: the standard ceramic SMA905(planar tip design), the standard stainless SMA905(planar tip design) and the cantilever stainless design(Figure 6).


Figure6. Three Type of SMA905 Ferrule


(5) Several colors or tube sizes for armoured shield for selection(Figure 7). 


Figure 7. Multiple Color and Tube Size of Armored Shield


(6) The fiber and ferrule have a good concentricity and the fiber tip surface is under optical polishing and super cleanness, no contamination, no scratch and no cracks (Figure 8)


Figure8. The Good Condition of Fiber Tip Surface


(7) Accept custom AR coating design, for example R<0.2% @ 808 nm±50nm(Figure 9).


Figure 9.  AR Coating Spectral Curve Design



1) Fiber core/cladding diameter105/125um, 135/155um, 200/220um, 220/242um, 400/440um, 800/880um, or customized specified fiber type

2) Applying wavelength450nm, 525nm, 808nm, 915nm, 940nm, 976nm, 1064nm or customized wavelength

3) AR Coating specifications
      AR coating , R0.2% @CW+/-25nm

          DR coating, R1%@CW1 and R99.5%@CW2

          HR coating, R99.8% @CW+/-25nm, CW=customized design center wavelength


4) Patch cord length1m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 100m, customized length



1) Semi-conduct diode laser coupling and delivery

2) Solid state pump laser optical fiber tail

3) Medical laser delivery

4) Outdoor long distance high power laser transmission

5) Optical test in the lab

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