• The Fast Axis Collimated by an AR Coated Fiber
  • The fast axis collimator is a simple cylindrical lens, which was generally applied in optical fiber coupling laser. The optical power coupling efficiency was improved by the beam collimation at fast axis divergence angle. Photonstream developed a fiber level FAC with 2-sides anti-reflective thin film coated. This is an innovated solution for compact high power laser package product. The Ø63um or 200/220um fiber are fixed parallel to the fixture and coating 2-sides. Customer then divides the long lens into small sections according to application.

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  •    ◆  Product application

         -Fiber laser diode coupling

         -Fiber optic sensing

       ◆  Product feature

         -High cleanness and visual inspection for each unit

         -Precision AR coated on 2-sides

         -High laser damage threshold 

         -High optical power coupling efficiency

         -Accept custom design diameter(63um typically)

       ◆  Parameter
            Fiber Type        Ø63um High purity non-clad glass rod
            MM-S200/220-22A fiber,Customer Customize
            Quantity        25-27 pieces/set
            Effective Length        60.5mm/piece,Customers cut it into 7-8mm as required
            Coating Method        Anti-reflection coating on 2- sides 
            Coating Parameter        R<0.2%@CW±25nm,CW=638/ 915 /945nm;Customize

    图片1.jpg     1566458600683378.jpg

       ◆  Product outline


       ◆ Coating curve

    1566458654988217.jpg        1566458663715098.jpg

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