• SMA 905 Connector Fiber Optic Patch Cord 200/220um
  • Fiber Optic Jumper D80- FC/PC Connector utilize high precision D80 connector  or air-gap-ferrule connector ,It is equipped with high quality tip polishing surface fiber. The Patchcord mainly used for energy transmission of semiconductor laser modules and medium-low power solid state lasers. The internal connector of the fiber patch cord apply high-quality environmental epoxy free technology, which improve the heat dissipation effect and service life of the fiber .  The D80 patchcord can meet the demand for laser welding, cutting and other high power transmission.

    Photonstream also offer custom patch cable services and accept fiber cable(such as SMA905 jumper,FC/PC parch cord )coating services.

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  •    ◆  Product application     

    -Pump laser fiber tail and fiber patch cord

    -High power laser processing energy transmission

    -Medical laser equipment

    -Industrial laser processing

       ◆  Product feature     

    -Photonstream’s unique fiber polishing and assembling process 

    -The fiber patch cord is made of imported high quality large-core optical fibers

    -AR coated fiber end face, damage threshold up to 200MW/CM2 

    -Stainless Steel Protective Tubing Design ,Resists Crushing, Abrasion, Cutting, and Pulling

    -The SMA ferrules are made of stainless steel or cupronickel and used as a heat sink, evacuating the heat quickly away from the fiber.

    -Utilize air-gap-ferrule technology that eliminates energy-absorbing materials near the fiber end face such as epoxies, connector materials, and coatings, making them ideal for high-power applications.

       ◆  Product parameter     
    Fiber Core200 / 220um ;Customer Specified
    Fiber Length200cm+/-5cm;Customer Specified
    Assembly MethodD80 flat or air-gap-ferrule
    Armored DiameterProtective loose tube
    Ferrule materialpottery /stainless steel/cupronickel
    Coating ParameterTwo end, AR Coating, R<0.5%@780-1000nm;Customer Specified

    SMA905,FC/PC Accept fiber cable(such as SMA905 jumper,FC/PC parch cord )coating services.

       ◆  Coating curve     


       ◆ Product outline     


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