1565088863843733.jpgPhotonstream Ltd , founded in 2012, is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing various coated optical fibers for the semiconductor laser, especially for high power laser diode coupling.

Photonstream involved in bare fiber coating, ceramic ferrule coated tail fibers(FTA), SMA905/ D80 high-energy transmission jumper coating and fiber lenses polishing(Angled wedge /Cone Type/ biconical) .Its products are widely used in pump fiber laser diode coupling, industrial laser test , medical laser transmission and optical fiber sensing, etc.

The founders of Photonstream have 20 years’ experience in optical communications and industrial laser industry. The strong R&D team has innovated 20 patented technologies,which focusing on optical fiber polishing and coating fields.

The bare fiber polishing technology, which is developed by the Photonstream independently, can provide very clean fiber end face, which lay a good foundation for next coating processing . In addition, Photonstream optimizes the coating process of high-power laser to enhance the coating layer damage threshold constantly.

Photonstream emphasize production process management and quality control, and obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. After years of effort, Photonstream has become a professional fiber coating manufacturer ,which own efficient management team, excellent Optical Engineer and a good after-sales service.

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the company has developed into a rich professional skills and experience of the excellent team.

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