Photonstream was invited to attend the 2019 Raycus Laser Supplier Conference

February 22, Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. (Stock Code:300747) In 2019, the Supplier Conference was held in Wuhan Optics Valley Hilton Hotel. General Manager Qin Danshu and sales engineer Huang Xiangdi of Photonstream attended the event. There are nearly 40 suppliers representatives from all over the world attended the event.

With the theme of “Forgoing ahead with determination to make scientific and technological innovations ”,  the conference aims to create a more competitive supply chain system with supplier partners.

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The meeting was held by Lv Weimin, General Manager of Raycus, he expressed sincere welcome to the suppliers attending the meeting,  and introduce the development history and future management direction of Raycus to suppliers. He hope Raycus to develop together with suppliers and partners in the future.

For the laser market, Li Jie, deputy general manager of Raycus, introduced the current competitive situation of the laser market to the supplier partners, and hoped to work together with the supplier partners to face market competition and share the market dividend.

Dr. Cao Lei, the deputy general manager of Raycus, made clear requirements for the supplier management mechanism, and hoped to establish a standardized and efficient supply chain management system with the supplier partners, and finally achieve the goal of mutual benefit. Subsequently, Dr. Liu Xiaoxu, the chief designer, and chief technologist and director of quality management department of Raycus, reported the quality overview and specific cases of Raycus Laser's 2018 suppliers, hoping to further improve product quality with supplier partners.

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At the end of the meeting, Dr. Yan Dapeng, Vice Chairman and Chief Engineer of Raycus, expressed his gratitude to the attendees

 he say that the rapid development of Raycus cannot be separated from the support and trust of supplier partners, and also hopes that supplier partners will working with Raycus to meet the challenge and work together in the future.

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